Stradivaria baroque guitar with my special antiqued finish and rose. Picture taken during the Società del liuto days in Bologna, 2018.

Marketing solutions for the arts

Stradivaria baroque guitar models. Società del liuto days in Bologna, 2018.
The newly identified Stadivari guitar in the Museo degli strumenti musicali in Roma,. a work by emiliano Marinucci, B4baroque.

Full article Stradivari discovery

A shot from the Nenci family vineyard. b4baroque services connecting the present to the culture of ages. Straight out of the Renaissance the taste for a distinct wine based on its beauty.

Arco Atelier gives a stunning exhibit of art and instruments against the pandemic climate.

B4baroque takes a trip to Ferrara to celebrate Josquin Desprez.

New instruments in the collection

Exceptional choice of instruments available from baroque guitars to flamenco, early violins and much more.

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