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Arco atelier opens with a unique blend of art and rare instruments. Spoleto comes alive with this unique display inside an exclusive artist space.

Tra le Corde, the exhibition of rare instruments from the collection of Maestro Emiliano Marinucci, marks the true opening of Arco, the art gallery and luthier studio under the magnificent Arch of Druso in Spoleto.

The idea is to relive the idea of the relation of the space and the sound of these unique works of art in a historic location, creating a meeting point that will kick start a series of events in the fall. Instruments such as the Mattias Albani from 1710, the Baltasar Calvo guitar from 1885, all the flamenco masterpieces by Carrillo Cantos, Estruch, Conde, and their direct ancestors, all the Stradivari based baroque guitar models handmade by Marinucci, who has discovered and identified an original last year.

The exhibit was a major success, scoring more than 1000 visitors, demonstrating the capacity of involvement that such a situation can spring.

this is the first post lockdown event that will generate the lutherie courses starting from October and the concert series in all Umbria starting also in October. Stay tuned for more success


By Emiliano Marinucci

italian american, citizen of the arts. musician painter, photographer, passionate about sound and images. Traveled all around the world to create my blend of distincted art.

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