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Nature and sound: the Monteverdi experience.

Claudio Monteverdi’s work strict resemblance in its structures to a vision of the world    Monteverdi’s music spredsin many bways, horizontally with the melody, vertically in the harmonic sense, then in circles, wavs, and vibrations througout the world. The way th resemblance and drama of the inner circles of the planets reflect the structure of […]

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The works of Emiliano Marinucci

  Well known as musician and instrument expert Emiliano Marinucci has a long career in the visual arts as painter. Started with his first show in 1992 followed by at least other 30 and many awards. A crossing between ancient and contemporary marked by the term baroque expressionism.

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B4Baroque and Arcimboldo’s work

Emiliano Marinucci has been a long time artist in the visual field collecting many awards and a career exploratings the meaning of Baroque. The spiral element, the flavor, the spikeness of sour sound of the violin. His work on the artist Arcimboldo explorates the painter’s close connections with music, expressed in his notation experiment with […]