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A newly rediscovered Stradivari guitar at the Museo Nazionale degli strumenti musicali in Rome. Expert Emiliano Marinucci speaks about it after three year of research, confirmed by Lorenzo Frignani.

    When one hears the name of Antonio Stradivari, possibly the greatest luthier of all times, the mind goes immediately to his wonderful bowed instruments. But, on the other hand, the reality of the master’s production was quite various.Judging from the material we have today the quantity of different instruments that came out of […]

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B4Baroque starts concert series to present its work on instruments

Emiliano Marinucci on his Stradivaria baroque guitar in Roma

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The musical novels of Marinucci Come out for B4Baroque. A new standard of musical literature is set.

In questo volume sono raccolti i racconti musicali composti da Marinucci in un arco di dieci anni, a formare appunto una Selva, termine che indica un insieme di brani di carattere,stile e addirittura strumentazione differente. Con lo scopo di intrattenere, esperire, coinvolgere. Brani che vanno dal madrigale di De Wert al concerto vivaldiano fino al […]

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Stradivaria baroque guitar at the Società del liuto show in Bologna.

B4baroque and his ceo Emiliano Marinucci were in Bologna  at the annual Società del liuto meeting to encounter all the others musician and makers present. The event was  an occasion for the first showing of Stradivaria to the public, in its two versions. A major success for B4Baroque, also tying relations for the Monteverdi project […]

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The search for the baroque guitar: the road to Stradivaria.