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Monteverdi and today’s art

The quest to give a contemporary shape to Baroque music is lit in Marinucci’s work.

For many years Emiliano Marinucci’s work has developed a deep relationship with baroque ideas and languages. The study of the composer Claudio Monteverdi has been going on for around 20 years, crossing the different fields of Marinucci’s interests.

From theshow of 1998 “Orfeo, favola in musica e pittura” the music and storytelling of this ideal father have walked with his imagination and creativity.

Later the relation with Caravaggio and all the lombard painters has helped him create an ideal substratus of the relation with the spirituality of counter reformation.

Monteverdi speaks the language of Arcimboldo, also through his musical interests, then of the Campi brothers in Cremona and, in a spiritual Borromesque way, the light of Caravggio.

The relation in his image creation has bloomed in a boom that is about to come out for B4Baroque. Here the music is lived through a research on the landscape where the composer dwelled. The provinces and amll courts around Mantua, the fields of the Cremonese. The river Po, with all his history and legends, then the narrow free streets of Venezia.


Monteverdi is lived again, also through his letters and writings, the art, philosophy and conception of the Universe. Keplero’s musical spheres, adapted and lived throgh the newborn elliptic universe are the world Monteverdi believes in.


See it with your eyes in Marinucci’s work. Out in march.


By Emiliano Marinucci

italian american, citizen of the arts. musician painter, photographer, passionate about sound and images. Traveled all around the world to create my blend of distincted art.

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