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Monteverdi book trailer released

After years of work finally the Monteverdi – Landscape of sounds  – Il paesaggio dei suoni project is coming to a finishing process.  Yesterday B4Baroque ereleased a trailer featuring the images from the book in a setting including music from the Lamento della Ninfa, out of the VIIIth book of madrigals by the composer. The way the images flowing follow the music is the main idea behind the book itself. The identification of the layers of sound with the layers of light and shade, the colors and depth are the sense of Monteverdi’s music and words expressed .

Monteverdi is revealed through the eyes of statues, the reflections of light, the leaps in water. As the notes of a trill, the bouncing of intonation.

A revolutionary approach translating his music into images.


By Emiliano Marinucci

italian american, citizen of the arts. musician painter, photographer, passionate about sound and images. Traveled all around the world to create my blend of distincted art.

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