Stradivaria Baroque guitar hits the market.

stradivaria alternative rosette

Stradivaria baroque guitar is the creation of
luthier/artist Emiliano Marinucci.
It is the only Stradivari model guitar in production based on personal research of the designer on Stradivari original guitars and construction plans, present in the MDV collection in Cremona.
It combines the acoustic features of the originals combined with modern player needs.
Infact the string lenght is 67cm instead of 75, so that the higher strings have a better resistance.
The full 14 frets are preserved by adding them on the board.

The guitar is made in all solid wood, with classic european spruce for the front and cypres for the back and sides. This to increase the resonance of the body.
Infact, like Stradivari originals, it has only two bars inside.
Stradivari’s ideas on guitars were very dependant on the ones for violins.
The parts of the guitar are meant to vibrate freely, increasing harmonics in the higher register. Full deepness of the basses is obtained with depth calculations.
This in an extremely light instrument.
Also the original designs are used for the head design and the decorations, like the rosette, modeled on the ones on the Hill and Canobio-Pagliari, and the inlayed pique on the front.

Pegs are in solid ebony, rosette in pear or amaranth wood finished with varnish and gold traces.
Varnishing with a wax and amber based recipe that incresases the fiber design of the cypress, together with an antiquing gives a distinct look, inspired by the Sabionari of 1679.
Frets can be customized in gut or sinthetic gut by Aquila. Also different sets of strings can be fitted: gut, nylgut or nylon and silver wound.
Comes with custom made case.

By Emiliano Marinucci

italian american, citizen of the arts. musician painter, photographer, passionate about sound and images. Traveled all around the world to create my blend of distincted art.

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